Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black alpaca w/teal wool

August 2008 046
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I picked up 8 oz of this at last year's Michigan Fiberfest. I was invited to spin with some new friends a few weeks ago and didn't have a wheel project going. Pulled this out of stash. Wugh. This stuff is awful. It's sooooo full of VM, I'm picking crap out every couple inches. I've got five alpaca blankets that I've been picking and washing and they're nothing like this garbage.

Note to self: unroll the fiber balls before purchase, even if they appear clean


Anastasia said...

Oh now that is GORGEOUS!! I can totally picture some cute little baby woolie pants with it. After you spin it, can I buy it? I didn't read what you posted lol Just got swept away by how beautiful the colorway is!

Anastasia said...

OH! bummer its so dirty. So sorry to hear that! I just got uh about 10 bags of various wools in various stages. Would you believe that no one I know that spins has expressed interest in it? I personally do not spin... and am thinking of just keeping a small amount to learn to make wool felt with. I do want to do some needle felting.... some day..

sue said...

Good idea about unrolling some of the fiber to see how clean it is. I would never have thought of that. Will remember this the next show I attend! sue

Holly Bee said...

Didn't you get that from that cute dirty hippie boy?

Beware of my bad taste in cute dirty hippie boys.

Andrea said...

I promise to get all the VM out of my fiber before turning it into rovings! I am going to start skirting it all this weekend. WOO HOO!