Monday, January 05, 2009

childbirth class

This is Jack.
Grandson #3, due around Valentines Day

Well, as seen from the outside. He's due to arrive around Valentine's Day. Daddy Jordan is more than a little nervous about the whole birthing experience. OK, he's seriously freaked and certain he will pass out. Kait asked me to be his support person, or hers, if we totally lose him.

So, off we went to childbirth class (#1 of 5) tonight. Everything was fine and studious and all was good. Until that last part. Where the instructor glared around the classroom with a scrunched up pissed off face and asked, "Support people? What are you going to do if she looks at you like this?"

"Run, Jordan, RUN!"

Yeah, that was me. And I was loud. The hit of the night. I don't think anyone else knew it wasn't meant for laughs. Dude, listen to the woman who raised her. if she looks at you like that, run like hell. She's gonna blow and an entire bomb squad won't be able to save you.

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Holly Bee said...

Hurrah for fun-itizing the childbirth class!

Can I come next week?

WAIT! We should teach a childbirth would be awesome.