Thursday, July 06, 2006

A package from my secret pal!

Lookie what the UPS man brought...

A plain brown box!
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But wait, there's polka dots!

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Unwrap the paper to see

all the loverly gifts my pal sent me!

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Ahem. Yeah. That attempt at poetry was lame. But I'm just soooo excited! Just look at all my goodies--

Some cool books to read--a teeny Darwin Awards book (those are funny as hell, you should go read some when you're done here) and a knitting mystery (I had no idea). Ducky sticky notes (who couldn't use some of those to brighten their day?). That little lidded jar in front is a cucumber-melon scented candle (I wish you could smell its yummy-ness). Those BandAids back there are Care Bear bandaids...for my boo boos (awww, how sweet is that?). Some purple and cream Opal sock yarn (*drool*).

That item on the right is a sock project bag, made especially for me (edit) as requested of Trek (/edit) (go see Trek, she makes sock bags and needle rolls from all sorts of cool fabrics and I hear she accepts trades!) by my pal. The fabric is part gardening print, part muted floral. I know you can't see it very well but can you see what's in the bottom? Here, in case you can't quite make it out...


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Is this not the absolute coolest sock project bag ever?

If Widget (my hedgie) didn't poo all over the place, I'd introduce them.

Thank you so much, my Secret Pal. Have I told you lately how much you rock?!


trek said...

You do have a great Secret Pal - she made all the arrangements with me for a Hedgehog bag just for you! Hope you enjoy it!!!

Starfish said...

great gifts, ain't this fun? love all your animals too.

thanks for the visit, your comment was hilarious.