Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fork it?

 December 040

This is what I was doing while I watched a movie with the kids and Abi's friend. I had spun yarn to knit my mom a scarf (no surprise, if she managed to find her way here without a direct link from me, she knows I am working on a scarf because she requested it). When I began knitting (reversible cabled brioche), I realized the yarn was more firm than I would have liked it to be. Of course, I kept knitting. Half finished, I finally listened to the voices in my head and stopped knitting. Set it aside. Where I ignored it for months and months. A few days ago, I frogged the scarf and ran the yarn back through the wheel to loosen the plying twist. And then I washed it. And then I threw it--still wet merino/alpaca blend--in the dryer, on air fluff.

In case you missed this,
Over six ounces of handspun, 3-ply, merino/alpaca yarn.
I wanted to fluff it.

OK, so it did fluff it up a bit, just as I wanted. But it also felted a bit. Not the whole yarn, just black fibers throughout the entire (gray) yarn. So now I am untwisting the yarn, peeling apart the sticky black fibers to separate the plies and then adding back a softer twist. I was running the plies between my fingers to separate them but then I spotted Em's violin mute...

This would be even awesomer with one more finger. But a fork works perfect! And it's easier to take breaks than it is with yarn between my fingers.

I had to explain to Abi's friend (who spent the weekend with us and was excited to be shown the whole fleece-to-finished-object process, not knowing any other knitter/spinners) that normal people do not do such things. Y'all don't, right?

Monday, August 20, 2012


According to my Ravelry project, I finished this (Baby Surprise) sweater set  for Kait's friend Ashley's baby (due the end of this month) way back in April.

Well, except for the buttons. I just sewed them on tonight. Because Kait and I are going to visit momma and baby (born tonight) tomorrow evening. See? I am not always late.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

oh, deer

Yesterday, my favorite DJ on my favorite radio station blogged a "When you see it" --a family picture with one family member wearing (what he thought was) a rather unusual sweater. I told him we knitters are a crafty bunch and he should Google "fornicating deer pattern," selecting images... (What, you expect a link? Go, do it, I'll wait.)....

lalala delada...


He was a bit surprised. Then I tried to send him a link to Penispoopcakewaffle socks but Twitter blocked my penis (hehe). I emailed it. He says he can see the penii (my word, like octopi, shut up, I like it) and waffles but not the poop. I don't see it either. I think it was just added to the name and not the socks.

And then I asked if he'd like me to knit him a  fornicating deer hat. To which he replied, "Yes. Yes I do. And no profanity, please. This...will be cool. And I will, indeed, wear it.."

Which greatly confused me. Fornicating deer without profanity? Did he not want the deer to be having any fun? What fun was that? I was going to ask him when I asked for colors and a head measurement, but I forgot. 

I found an email this morning, he wants a black hat with pink deer. His head is huge, like 7 3/4. Um, huh? Rather than assuming he measured the'm pretty certain that's a hat size. And I'm pretty certain he wants the deer having fun. What do you think?

click for big

Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh, hi! Where were we?

I made enchiladas and rice for Peter's Father's Day dinner. After he went to bed, most of the rest of us stayed up very late watching The United States of Tara on Netflix. I can't show you the project I worked on because I'm not sure whether the recipient might see this. Eh, who am I kidding, it's been forever since I've made regular posts, nobody is reading here.

My last old pair of glasses, that I couldn't really see well with anyway, broke the other day. I dug out another broken (only one armed) and even older frame-less pair. The one arm cocked them sorta sideways so I got the bright idea to use wire cutters to remove the remaining arm (aren't y'all glad I'm not a doctor?) but it just fell off while I was getting situated. So. I perched the barely connected lenses on my nose and tried to watch a movie while working on the above mentioned project. Every time I looked down at my work, my makeshift pince-nez fell off my face. Onto the floor. Where I couldn't see it/them.  Yes, it's way past time for a visit with migraine-inducing, Dr. Which One is Better, 1 or 2, 2 or 3, 3 or 4.

The kids had dentist appointments for cleaning and exams  on Tuesday. Oddly, our dentist is Dr. Glass.

We celebrated my daughter, Kait's, 25th birthday on Wednesday. During dinner, she talked a little about her work. "People make huge messes because they know I will clean them up," she said.

She was the only one who laughed at my, "Oh. Mah. Gawd. Are they children? Do they call you Mom? Because the same thing happens at MY work!"

I promise fibery pics as soon as I get a chance to sort them out. For now, here's a blue jay harassing our Emo kitty, who was just napping on the window ledge before he came along and screamed at her.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Abi and I just unpinned her Bat Shawl, that I blocked earlier today.

If you know about this project, yes, I finally picked up all those stitches and knit the damn edging.

If you don't know, I started the shawl (from this black w/teal alpaca, spun on my Joy) as a Christmas gift for Abi. Not this past Christmas but the Christmas before. I didn't blog it or enter it into my WIPs on Ravelry because I wanted it to be a huge surprise. This was to be her BIG gift in a year we couldn't afford big gifts. But something else came through (thanks so much, Kay!) for her main gift and I put this aside to work on stockings.

Abi's thrilled with it. She was going to wear it to school--unblocked--today but I promised it'd be waaaay better blocked first. So I absolutely had to block it. She checked on it when she came home from school. Asked why it took me so long to get around to finishing it. 

Well, there was math involved. And then the picking up of (almost 400) stitches. And 30 ever expanding  rows in the edging. My brain just went NO. No. NO. And no. I had to wait until enough time went by that it seemed like a whole new project.

I apologize for the crappy pinned out pic. It'll have to do until I get something better.

Friday, August 27, 2010

jewel tone locks

I love spinning from locks--mohair, Wensleydale, etc. I usually just tease them out a bit before spinning but, if you look close (click for big), you can see how these are just full of veggie matter. I need to open them up a bit more. I grasp them in the middle, lay it against my leg and tap lightly with my favorite dog comb (has tines that spin so they don't pull and break the fiber so easily) held not as if I were combing the hair but vertically, with the comb handle parallel with the fiber. Tap, tap, tap until it's open and most of the dirt falls out. Flip the lock around and repeat on the other end. Spin. Repeat.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kai and Abi

Aren't you glad you're finally old enough to pick up trash along side the highway?

Huh. You don't look so thrilled.

My babies are growing up.